My dears,

I'd like apologize to you for my ill temper these last several weeks. If I've been snippy, or thoughtless or irrational or hysterical, I'm sorry. Please let me explain.

You see, it's my pants. For at least a month, I have been squeezing myself into my "regular" pants. And apparently they have been cutting off the circulation to the happiness region of my brain.

I am realizing this now because I have on MATERNITY PANTS. Stretchy, cradling maternity blacks in a forgiving shade of black. I am reborn. The birds are singing more sweetly. The colors of spring are more vivid. Everyone is kinder and more attractive. I love you. And you and you and you.

But mostly I love these pants. Sorry I have been so awful lately. I am better now.


P.S. I truly believe we could have a shot at peace in the Middle East if every person came to the negotiating table wearing these pants.