Last night, I was doing stuff around the house, watching the red carpet coverage of the Golden Globes. At some point, I realized Lucy is on the couch watching as well. I wondered if this was a good idea, but thought, are glamour and celebrity a bad thing to expose her to?

As Blake Lively was interviewed on the red carpet, Lucy came into the kitchen and asked, pointing to her boobs, "Mom, when you wear a dress that doesn't have any straps, and it just covers your boobs, how does it stay up so your boobs don't show?"

As for Miss Lively (insert obligatory "golden globe" joke here ), the dress really wasn't staying all that...up. And the extent to which it did stay up was through some marvelous combination of engineering and very young (or possibly fake) boobs.

I said, "Um, you have to make sure you are very careful, and the dress fits very tightly, and you have to pull it up a lot."

"Do you have dresses like that? "

"Yes, a few, but not exactly like that."

"Is that what you do?"

"Yes, pretty much." I decline to explain gravity, foundation garments and my strong preference for more forgiving silhouettes.

"Can I see you wear one?"

"Not tonight, babe."