Bad Wrap for Nap

While we were at the Children's School family picnic at the Northwest Park today, the head of school, Ms. Wallin, approached me to share a funny story about Lucy.

She said that Lucy was standing in line to go into the nap room one day last week, and as Ms. Wallin passed, Lucy said, "Excuse me, Ms. Wallin, I'm not supposed to be in this line. I am not a napper."

They proceeded to have some negotations/dialogue about the merits of napping, during which time Lucy conceded that while napping isn't JUST for babies, it is mostly for kids who are "very young, not older kids like me." Ms. Wallin explained that everyone benefits from a nap, that she herself liked to take naps sometimes, that she thought it would be quite nice to take a nap that day.

Lucy said, "Well, you can have my cot."