To My Health

Dad started having chest and arm pain around 11 p.m. Wednesday. We went to the emergency room at the Heart Hospital, which I highly recommend — they have a full-service ER for non-heart-related problems, but it's a well-kept secret, so there's rarely someone with a stab wound in the waiting room.

In the ER, he sat in a snarl of wires and tubes and detailed his long — and not great — medical history. After a three-hour work-up, they decided to admit him and do an angiogram the next day.

While his bill of health is not exactly clean, he has no apparent heart problems! Twenty-two hours and one negative angiogram later, he was back at our house smoking a cigarette. Meanwhile, I went for a run in the dark, appreciating the strong legs that propelled me and the healthy heart that fueled every step. Thanks, body.