Shameless JCPenney Plug

So I rarely talk about job specifics, but this is a project I've been working on that needs (and I think deserves) some exposure, so I am exploiting my readership of three. It's a weekly shopping show for JCPenney (the account I work on) designed to take the contents of their weekly newspaper circular and package it in a hipper, more online-friendly way. We've been shooting every week and having an edit of the show ready THE NEXT DAY, which is insane, but feels very TV news and exciting. Our director-editor is a bad-ass (as is the entire team, really).

This is the reason the blogs have been sparse lately. Also the reason I did not accomplish much on my Lu-free to-do list. It was worth it, I think. Watch it several times and go immediately to JCPenney and buy stuff. And tell all your friends.