Lu turned four today. When I was around her age, I have memories of thinking, "Why are all these old people always talking about how big I am? Why does Aunt Nita have a beard?" But I remember little else. The me that existed 30 years ago is gone, and someday this Lu will be gone. Here are some things I know about her right now:

• Her favorite color is pink. And red. And yellow. And blue. And purple.
• When she passes gas, she blames it on other people. Dad. The dog. Duck.
• She's sneaky. For now, we are interpreting this as a sign of high intelligence.
• She knows how to use a computer. And an iPhone. And a digital camera.
• When she plays make-believe, she assigns foreign-sounding names to everyone. She also has a dog named "Challenging." And she explained to Jason that "ingenious" is the French word for "pretty."
• She can add and subtract.
• She loves to draw and cut and glue things, then use tape to stick them on the wall. Throughout the house, at Lu level, her artwork is displayed.
• Right before she falls asleep, she sucks her thumb furiously and twirls Duck in the air on the other hand.