I am in Chicago at the Retail Advertising Conference, and the conference is good, but the weather is BAD. I learned a new weather term: "thunder snow." Thunder snow. I have not heard any thunder, but the wind is blowing so hard the snow is sideways. Jason had planned to come, but the weather did not cooperate.

I did have some company in Jason's absence, as well as further proof of the smallness of this world. The Chicago HIlton was once the largest hotel in the world — it's like a little town, especially when the weather is so bad no one leaves, canceling fancy dinner reservations in favor of warmth and banquet food. And whom should I meet in the 24th Floor Executive Lounge in this little hotel town? My cousin Kevin Major! He travels all the time (in fact, this is his second small-town cousin encounter — he once ran into our cousin Jason Nichols on the tube in London), so it was bound to happen. He taught me a few things about service-oriented development architecture which will make me sound very smart the next time I talk to my agency's development team. Just what I needed tonight.