Clap Your Hands, Say "Hey..."

So I write this blog. I document as much of our family life as I have time to and is fit/safe to print. I started doing it because the demand for Lu news was more than I could keep up with on emails or photo albums. I do it now because I love to write, I love to write about our life, I have not pasted so much as a clipping of hair into a book for Lu and...well, I forget why. But it's good for me. Someday it will embarrass the shit out of Lu, which, given her behavior today, is a good reason.

My Aunt Mary Jane called me today to tell me how much she likes to read the blog and it MADE MY DAY. I had no idea she was reading so regularly. I am, sadly, very driven by feedback (See 10 Things. Working on that. Damn me and my need to please. Until I am strong enough not to need it, however...).

No need to get weird, but if you read this blog, say hey once in a while. I could use it. What is the sound of a neurotic working mother falling in the forest? For those of you who do regularly say hey (my mom, Pie, Jenn, Miss West, Nini, Jana, Patrick and Kevin), the sound is: thanks.