My Kinda Kid

I always LOVE her, but lately I find myself very much liking her. She is already the kind of weird, funny, bright spaz of a person I am always friends with. Which is good since we will know each other for a long time. Some things that have amused me and endeared her to me today:

• When she was on the losing end of a negotiation over candy, she gave me this thoughtful, but confrontational, look and said, "Make me a deal, Mom." Like a mobster or something. And it's so cute, I DID MAKE HER A DEAL.
• She ran up to Emily and gave her a big hug, and sat on her lap hugging her for a long time. It makes me happy that she likes who I like.
• She said "I love you, Nini," when Melanie came over today, because she could tell Nini needed it. Sensitive!
• While she was supposed to be taking a nap, I walked in on her playing. She hit the deck, squeezed her eyes tight and pretended to sleep. I had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard.
• When I came back in the room, she had the hiccups and said that they were keeping her awake. She explained that she was trying to get rid of them by saying the ABCs after each hiccup: "A...[hic]B...[hic]." It wasn't working though, because "After I say D, then I say A again and I start over." She couldn't get past D.
• Trina came over to babysit, and she introduced Granddaddy to Trina: "Granddaddy, this is Trina, my babysitter."
• In the photo below, taken this afternoon at Phil's, she looks so much like Jason that I can barely stand it. How can I NOT like her?