Not Unlike Having Hard Drugs in the House

All the Halloween candy is causing some new behavior problems. Like sneaking around. Lying. Total denial in the face of an accusation. The kind of behavior you expect from, I don't know, AN ADDICT?

On Friday, I told her she could not have any more candy before school, and mere minutes later, I found her closing the pantry drawer. She spun around with her hands in the air and this look of forced innocence. When asked WHAT she was doing, she said, "Nothing," which was not easy given that she had two pieces of candy in her mouth. I made her spit them out, then said, "You disobeyed me, so now you're going to get a what?" She wailed, "A CONSEQUENCE." Her consequence: no more candy for the rest of the day. She flailed around the house telling me she did not love me or like me and I was not her friend. Which I am not.