Abby and Brad got married last night, and I don't thnk I've ever been at a wedding where the bride and groom seemed so...tickled to have gotten married to each other. When the minister turned them to face the congregation and be introduced, Abby laughed out loud. I could hear her thinking, "OMG, I just got married! To Brad!" She looked like Cinderella.

Jason and I love weddings. It makes us feel extra married and in love with each other, which I guess could be the combination of champagne and dancing as much as the weddings themselves. This one was one of the most fun we've ever attended: fabulous food, great DJ (am sore from dancing), abundant drinks (I think I had one signature "Brabby" cocktail and about 47 glasses of wine, which explains my really good dancing), and cheeseburgers and donuts for the guests as they left. A wedding that combines Willie Nelson, shrimp cocktail shots and CHEESEBURGERS AND DONUTS? It was even better than I can describe.