Today on the Bosphorus

We rode a big boat, a ship really, up the Bosphorus Strait to the place where it empties into the Black Sea. We ate at a restaurant on the dock: the prettiest salad of arugula, tomato, carrot and radishes with just olive oil and lemon. And fried calamari and whole bluefish (the head and all). Then we climbed up a smallish mountain to the ruin of a castle for a dramatic view of the Black Sea. I watched the colorful ships headed to their exotic ports and I found myself forming Lu-like questions: where are they going? What are they carrying? I even made up Mom-like answers: maybe they're going to Albania and they're carrying amethysts. On the boat ride home, we called Lu and told her we were calling from a SHIP and we'd seen a CASTLE.

Now I am back at the hotel on the rooftop restaurant. There's just a little dusting of sunset left over the Marmara. Jason was taking a nap, but the call to prayer (and accompanying barking dogs) woke him up, so maybe he will join me soon.

I can't believe I am here writing something you all will be reading in a place where it is lunchtime. I never stop being impressed with how big and small the Internet can make the world.