In Case You Wondered What We'd Been up to

We have been running in so many different directions (literal directions, actual cities), that I don't have the mental energy to offer you a thesis or some witticism. Instead I offer you brief overview of everything we have done, but I have not covered, in ten important days (with a heavy skew toward what I did because I missed the rest). It is the longest and least interesting entry ever. Read if you have nothing better to do.

Wednesday-Thursday 5/30 - 5/31:
Kate is in Atlanta, meeting with a bunch of women and UPS executives. Rides an elevator up 72 stories (30 of which are in a glass tube), to eat lunch at the top of the tallest hotel in the Western Hemisphere. Note: if you are afraid of heights, you will not enjoy lunch very much.

Jason and Lucy and my dad are in Austin, doing their thing. Granddad babysits Lucy, while Jason kicks off his bowling league (tentatively named "Banjo Pussywhistle"). Lucy goes to bed at 8:30.

Friday 6/1
Kate flies from Atlanta to Houston, Houston to Harlingen, rents car and drives to Padre Island, checks into condo, grabs beer, takes beer to beach, tries to work, worries about sand in Blackberry. Turns Blackberry off.

Jason packs for a long car trip and weekend all by himself. Jason, Lucy and Granddad drive to Padre Island. I am rendered obsolete.

HONOUR DONAHO GRADUATES FROM HIGH SCHOOL. Almost as important: she kicks off the graduation ceremony with a pretty, perfect version of the national anthem.

Saturday 6/2
AM: We go to the beach and discover Lu hates sand. And waves. And wants to watch TV. We compromise by getting her to swim in the pool for a designated period of time, after which she can watch television. This should save us lots of vacation expenses in the future.
PM: We introduce Lu to collecting seashells. She has a new interest in the beach.

Sunday 6/3
More beach. Home. Kate goes to sleep in her own bed at 9 p.m.

Monday 6/4
Sort of a normal day.

Tuesday 6/5
Kate drives to airport (late) to find short-term parking full (though not marked as such). Is rude to ticket-taker on the way out. Feels really bad and is nice to every single human she encounters in ensuing 5 days. Discovers valet service at Park Express. Makes flight. Goes to New York.

Lucy poops and does not demand chocolate.

Wednesday 6/6
Kate meets with potential client. Very high-end retail on Fifth Freaking Avenue. Wears fabulous shoes, carries good (discreet) bag, feels like complete hayseed. Sees Harold Ford Junior on the street leaving the meeting. Makes eye contact (and mental plans to meet later). Talks to Lucy, who demands to come to "Yew Nork."

Lucy enjoys "Splash Day" at school, which is a glorified way of turning the hose on the children.

Thursday 6/7
After 3.5 hours of sleep, Kate wakes up to catch flight from New York to Dallas. Flight has electrical problem on runway and is delayed. Kate faces prospect of missing single most important meeting for main account in recent history. Plane takes off late, but lands. Kate changes clothes AT THE RENTAL CAR DESK. Gets lost and drives in 5 circles trying to get out of DFW airport. Sobs. Asks for help (3 times). Escapes. Makes a rented Hyundai go 100. Makes meeting (and kills).

Kate arrives home in time to retrieve Lucy from school (to her surprise). Takes her home for some quality time. Lucy excitedly receives Sophie and Laney for Thursday night babysitting coop.

Saturday 6/8
Kate, Jason and Lucy go to Major World (Waxahachie) to celebrate Katie & Brian's wedding. Lu gets her first boat ride. Bill and Patsy become Lu's subjects. We get to watch Katie do kegstands.

Sunday 6/9
Lake. Barbecue. Home.