My Modern Marriage

I am in Atlanta at the National Association of Women Business Owners Conference in support of our client, UPS. I went to a dinner tonight with all these fabulous women: entrepreneurs and geniuses and high-level executives. It was inspiring and intimidating, and I sat there feeling like junior girl scout in my too-cute dress among all the sharp suits. I'm a sham, but at least I dress honestly.

I had a truly meaningful conversation with the executive director of the organization, this 30-something dynamo mom who travels 50% for work and has become the poster child in the press for working mothers. We talked candidly about this whole doing-it-all thing and she said, "THERE IS NO DOING IT ALL." There is just good judgment about what you do and don't do (which is insight I'd already received from Ben Cohen but did not fully process until now).

Her other insight was even better: she is interviewed by magazines all the time about motherhood-career balance, and she always wonders, "Why are they interviewing me? Interview my husband. He is the person that makes this possible."

I grabbed her hand when she said this. Yes. So true. What would I do without my fabulous partner?

I waited until later to call to thank Jason for being Superdad. I offered a soliloquy of gratitude, and then launched into a recap of the evening's events, awaiting feedback.

"Of course things went great, Babe. You're awesome."
[A metallic crash. Some grunting.]
"Jason, what are you doing?"
"I'm just emptying the diaper pail. It's trash day tomorrow."