Underachievement: Part One in a Series

I am watching "Charlie Rose," the best show on television (that I sometimes delete from my Tivo to make room for "Sex and the City" reruns). He is talking with Harold Ford Jr., the former House candidate from Tennessee. The darling, bright man that I once referred to at a party as "Tennesee's Great Cafe au Lait Hope" — my well-intentioned, liberal misstep made an almost audible splat.

Anyway. Charlie and Hal (which is what I call him when I am thinking about him in the nighttime) are having this very serious, interesting exchange about the politics of race: What does the Imus statement mean about race relations in 2007? Is Imus a bad guy? And somewhere during this important conversation I hear that HAROLD FORD JUNIOR IS 36 YEARS OLD. First thought: had I been a cool enough freshman girl, Hal could have been my boyfriend. Second thought: I HAVE THREE YEARS TO BE ON CHARLIE ROSE.

It is very dismaying to be reminded, over and over again, that the people who are running the place are...us. At least, those of us who are getting more done than I am. This relates to Lu only inasmuchas she is really good cover for my lack of achievement (I've been too busy with potty training to mind race politics, okay?).

Lu, I lay the mantle of leadership on you. May you be the woman who is on the show before Hal or interviews Hal, but never needs to date Hal. Okay, date Hal if you want.

p.s. Small comfort: am now watching Tavis Smiley. He is a dingdong and I have no desire to be on his show. Lu, if you date someone like Tavis Smiley, I will openly shame you (and him) at dinner.