Lu is three today. We had a little party Saturday with family and friends. Lu was kind of a pill. She took gifts at the door with little acknowledgement. She gave sullen, prompted thank-yous after opening them.

This picture sums it up.

At her explicit request, I made chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and "sparkles." These made a her a little happy.

She also received a glorious fairy costume, among many other (for the moment) unappreciated gifts. The minute she realized what it was, she started taking off her clothes to put it on.

I worried so much over her ungracious behavior, but it turns out she is sick. She has a little viral something — not the end of the world, but enough to ruin a birthday.

A birthday. A third birthday. Three years with the most hilarious, insightful, direct, friendly, curious and amused-by-fart-jokes person I know (with stiff competition from her father).