New Parenting Skills

Since I've had Lucy, I have learned to do a few new things:

Juggle. Both metaphorically and physically. I can catch almost anything you throw at me, especially if it is urp or plastic dishes.

Swear creatively. Pie and I went running on Sunday morning with Lu in tow, and I realized we were having an animated conversation with all the swear words spelled out. That is a real commitment to cursing.

Plan. I pack Lucy's lunch and set out her clothes the night before. I have a complex laundry cadence that has everything clean — including at least one Duck — by Tuesday morning before she starts the new school week.

Go without sleep. I know how cliched it is to talk about not sleeping, but I went from being a famously sound sleeper who needed her 8+ a day to...well, less than that. The sound of Lu sucking her thumb down the hall can awaken me. At which point I lie there and resent everyone who is asleep, while Jason proves his ability to snooze through hostile tossing and turning.

I am thinking I will list these things on my resume alongside "Proficient in Spanish" and "Working Knowledge of Microsoft Word."