Fish Dad

I was just reading Lu "Mister Seahorse," which is about a bunch of progressive underwater dads. Mr. Seahorse carries the seahorse babies in his belly, Mr. Tilapia hatches the tilapia eggs in his mouth, and Mr. Catfish swims around tending his little catfish brood. Maybe the moms are at the undersea spa. But wherever they are, they're lucky fish wives (who, I bet, never sound like fishwives because of the parenting contributions of their husbands).

Jason has always been a fish dad. He was the one who taught Lu how to sleep on her own. He is still the one who can calm her nuclear reactions. He's a generous partner and a gifted parent. I don't appreciate him as much as I should, but I did this weekend when he was in hanging out with Bill Clinton, and I was a single parent. I don't know how people do it by themselves — or without a partner like Jason. I am lucky I don't have to find out.