The Mother Load

Kate's daily schedule:
1. Get up.
2. Feed the baby.
3. Dress the baby.
4. Pack the baby's lunch.
5. Now that Jason is up, fed and dressed, it's Lucy's turn.

This is officially our second Mother's Day. Shoot, it's one of many unofficial ones.

This mother's day I am thankful for Kate: the blog posts, the patience, the great cooking, the fact that she's my best friend, my biggest supporter, toughest critic, and, of course, the fact that she does this without pay.

Really, there is a reason men aren't mothers. Frankly, we just don't have the stones - read into THAT what you want. They love us unconditionally. They care for us with every breath. I had a stomach bug this week and my mom must have called me about a hundred times to see if I was ok. My mom, she's alright.

Granny (Kate's mom) visits every week and takes Lu to the museum. The kid talks about it for three days before the trip. Now she also talks about cookies from Granny all the time too. But it's all about love...and lemon cookies.

So thanks to Kate, Granny, Baga, GG and all the mothers out there. I couldn't have done all this without you. Literally.