Some Things She Has Said Since 5 p.m. Today

While wearing a cowboy hat, Elmo panties and sunglasses: "I'm going running, Mom."

Same outfit, posing by the couch, no camera in sight: "I'm so cute. Cheeeeese."

As she lay down next to the dog, petting him: "Go to bed, Clifford. You tired."

With a very stern look on her face: "STAY RIGHT HERE. I be right back, okay?"

Wearing a stethoscope: "I'm a doctor. I need to take your tempachure."

To Jason: "Hey Dad, I have a question — can I have some money?" After she got the money she took her dolls shopping.

Pushing a stroller, carrying a set of spoons (the kind you'd play in a jugband), when asked what she was doing: "This."