While the cat's away...

... The mouse will completely take advantage of the other cat.

Kate has been out of town so it has just been Lucy and dad. It's been fun. It really has. But Lucy has learned a couple of magic words that will haunt me for the rest of my days.

"Please Daddy!"

Of course those words come with the requisite pouty lips and half-moon, smiling eyes. And I fold like a taco. Smart kid.

You'll be happy to learn that with mommy away, Lucy and can focus on the important things in life. What is an ERA? And, what is the real value of a scrambling quarterback in the NFL? I'm still working on getting her to hum the ESPN theme song.

Kate comes back today and I think she'll be happy to see that I haven't let the dogs eat her or turned her into a NRA member.

For days she has been throwing around "I love you!!" Lucky recipients have been Granny, Mom, Clifford, Baby Rosie (christmas gift baby doll), Mary Ellen West and of course Mary (her rag doll). But no Daddy.

Until this morning. "I love you daddy!" The words came out of her mouth in a sweet, bronx-accented babble. Of course I went weak in the knees.

The moment was quickly ruined when it became clear she wanted to eat Goldfish crackers in front the TV. Smart kid.