The New School

Lucy is going to start Montessori school next Wednesday. Full time. I am sad to think of her spending more waking hours with strangers than with us, but it does make me feel good to think that those strangers will be teaching her things like math and brass polishing. Apparently brass polishing is considered a "life skill" in Montessori. Is this really vocational school for housekeepers, rather than the academic fast track I had hoped for?

We took her to visit the school today, so next Wednesday would be easier for her. Or us. She wasn't crazy about the Music Man (bearded dude with guitar), but she did seem interested in the Montessori puzzles. And the playground? She's freaking expert at playground. So when I told her it was time to leave, she looked up at me casually and said, "Bye, Mama," as though she fully hoped we would just leave her there, right then. Glad we made it easier on her.