Ebenezer Lu

She may look like that sweet Seuss scamp, Little Cindy Loo Who (who was no more than two), what with her funny sparse pigtails and sweet smile. You know, the one who thawed the Grinch's heart and saved Christmas in Who-ville?

Well, forget it. Little Lucy Lu Who almost ruined Christmas for me today. Me, and a bunch of other people who wanted to gather politely and see Santa Claus and eat cookies and drink cider. Today was a party for all the kids and parents who have ever participated in the "T3 and Under" bring-your-baby-to-work program at my office. The plan: dress the baby up really cute, show her off a little, maybe be the centerpiece of heartwarming human interest story on the local news.

But no. TODAY, Little Lucy Lu Who, her heart a sooty lump of coal, threw the most epic fit ever. Forty-five minutes of aggressive, inexplicable crying and flailing as we were getting ready to go to the party (so much for the "really cute" part of the plan). After various stages of locking her in her room ("time out"=time for me to think about what I did to raise up such a wicked little Grinch), we were composed enough to get in the car and drive to work. Her socks did not match. Her face was puffy, her nose ran, and she was still in that spasm-y post-fit breathing. But she ate some Goldfish in the car, sang the only five lyrics of "Jingle Bells" she knows, and even smiled a little. Things were looking up.

That is, until we entered the conference room, crowded with charming children munching gingerbread and chatting up Santa. My bosses were there, along with a representative of the mayor's office, there to declare it "T3 Day" in honor of T3's contributions to working families. Little Lucy Lu Who screamed during the proclamation, "NO, NO LIKE IT, NO LIKE SINTA CLOS. OUTSIDE. GO BACK." I am pretty sure that is not going on TV.

Even though I am sort of mad at her about all this (yes, I know she is not even two, but I am her mother and I can be mad), I reflect on how I felt while I was at the mall on Saturday, pressed up against all that manic Christmas spirit, wanting to scream, "NO, NO LIKE SHOPPING. OUTSIDE. GO BACK."

Christmas: not for quitters or whiners.