Public Relations

Toddlers don't care what people think of them. At least not with any consistency. One minute Lu is so charming she's practically running for mayor: saying "meet you? meet you?" and shaking people's hands, counting in Spanish, lifting up the shirts of strangers or very new acquaintances and demanding to see "bellbutton," kissing everyone (sometimes with tongue). You know, the stuff we all do when we want to be liked. The next minute, she's that kid. The one you wish would go home already. You're not judging, you feel sorry for the parents, sorry for the kid whose parents have kept her out so late, but really, you want the whining to

So lately, we have seen a lot of that kid. Not to be confused with Lucy Sugawa for Mayor 2027. We saw her on Saturday at Marc and Lauren's Lobster Fest 2005, the food event of the season, where she should have had a fabulous time. I mean, everyone was wearing a bib — just her style. There was a piano, a guitar, stairs, a dog, other children. Rice Krispie treats! When a Rice Krispie treat won't make you happy, you are in a grouchy, grouchy place.

And this is the place we have been for days now. I hope the other Lu comes back. I'd vote for her.