100 Words

I don't want to be one of those mothers who inventories and measures every achievement, but yes, I have been keeping a list. For those of you keeping track at home, like I am, Lu can say 100 words. My criteria for what makes the Official Lucy Vocabulary List:
• She has used the word correctly and repeatedly.
• Proper names and animal sounds are included.
• They have to be understandable by me and at least one other person.

One of her funniest uses of words so far is pointing to people's bellies and saying "Baby." We have been showing her Magpie's pregnant belly to teach her this, but I fear it may backfire in a public place with a non-pregnant person. Never too soon to start embarrassing your parents.

Another time, we were in the car and she was eating chicken nuggets (uh yeah, I feed her fast food in the car, and she watches television, and I feel really bad about, but what are you gonna do?). And I explain, the same way I explain everything I have the energy to explain, "Lucy you're eating chicken. Chic-ken." Her quizzical response: "Bockbock?" I did NOT explain the politics of poultry production, the ethics of eating meat or the current standards for natural and organic. "Yes, Lu, bockbock. Good, huh?"

Ooh! I just thought of two more to add to the list — "wash" and "snack." 102! I will stop keeping this list soon, I swear. Or at least not tell anyone about it.