Two Days is a Long Time

I don't even know Lucy anymore. In the two very long days I was in D.C., she has almost mastered the melody of the ABCs/"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Today she brought me the lid to one of her toyboxes — blue vinyl with little blue stars all over it — and started singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Sure, it was a jumbled up mixture of the most notable vowel sounds from both sets of lyrics, but holy crap. She can say, ON HER OWN, 37 words that I can count right now, and it seems like she knows a new one each day. She also has more hair, which I think is going to be kind of dark. And she started making this funny look of surprise: a rounded gasp with the corners of her mouth lifted in a smile, like she knows something happy that we don't. Which I imagine she does.

So, nothing new to report, really. Except that two days is a long time when you are only 474 days old. I missed 1/237th of her life. Did I say 37 words? I forgot elbow, Elmo, and remote. Don't judge the words. Some of the 40 of them are really impressive and cerebral, trust me.