The Interpreter

I like to brag a lot about all the words Lucy can say, but I realize that most of them are intelligible only to me and Jason. For those of you who care, here is a brief translation of the Lucy lexicon.

Words she says:
• Dadada = Jason, Father, the black hair sticking up from beneath the covers
• Mamama = Kate, Mother, the most important person in the world
• Dah = dog
• Duh = Duck
• Buh = book
• Wa-wa (plus a hand motion that looks like a stereotypical Native American war cry) = water
• Ooh-ooh-ooh = the sound a dog makes
• Mlah-mlah = the sound a kittycat makes (say "kittycat," not "cat" which sounds like "cow" the sound below)
• Moo (quietly) = the sound a cow makes
• Uh = up
• Uh oh = uh oh or I just fed something to the dogs
• Gogogo = Go? (from a TMBG song. We're not sure she knows it's a word, but she says it a lot.)
• Dye-dye = bye-bye

Words she signs:
Cheese or anything that rhymes with cheese
All done/all gone
Water (see hand motion above)
Hook 'em Horns (this is enthusiastic pointing with some help from Dadada)

Her report card from school keeps saying she's talkative: "Lucy talked all afternoon, then she talked herself to sleep, then we knew she was awake because she was talking again." Enamored of the sound of her own voice at 13 months, 17 days. Nothing like her quiet parents.