362 Days

One year ago today, I went home from work early because I was feeling kind of sick. But when I got home, industriousness overtook me, and I tidied and folded and busied myself with soon-to-be-baby chores. I also made Jason take my picture, telling him I wouldn't be pregnant much longer. We met with Shelly, our doula, to talk about details of the impending birth. All week, I had that mixture of feelings I get before I go on a trip: excitement, anxiety, a mildly manic sense of purpose. Even though I still had two weeks to go, I guess I could just feel that the baby was coming.

The year has flown by, despite the fact that some of the days and nights were the longest of my life. I can barely remember the world before Lucy was in it. Here is a brief inventory of how things have changed for us:

Before Lu (BL): movies, together, at the theater
After Lu (AL): Jason, Netflix, while Kate falls asleep.

BL: Tuesday Karaoke at Club Deville
AL: Karaoke Revolution on the Playstation

BL: Saturday morning cartoons
AL: Saturday morning cartoons

BL: Friday happy hour fades into late dinner with friends
AL: Friday happy hour lasts until 7:30, the unhappy hour

BL: Sunday dinner, served at 10
AL: Sunday dinner, served at 6:30, consisting of very mushy foods

BL: 15 minutes late for everything
AL: 30 minutes late for everyting, but with a better excuse

BL: read important fiction, hip magazines, current events
AL: read books about making the baby sleep, feeding the baby, improving the baby, US magazine, or simply watch "West Wing" marathon after baby has finally gone to sleep.

Before Lucy, we were cool and smart and led a vaguely interesting life. After Lucy, we are almost everything we feared we'd be as parents, minus the minivan and public beatings in Wal-mart (so far). And to our surprise, we love it. Life after Lucy is magic.