Peek-a-boo and tricks that stop working

One thing I have definitely noticed is that the same old tricks stop working eventually. And trust me, I am the expert on one-trick ponies. You're talking to the guy that has told the same jokes over and over again since he was 12. With Lucy there are some instances where the object of the game seems to be "distract me before I ruin your _________ (insert day, outfit, shoes, furniture, reputation, etc)."

Take diaper changing for instance. This involves keeping her face-up while you rapidly try to wipe and change. And as our little Mary Lou learns to twist and tumble, she seems to think that the counter-top is the pommel horse. In the past a simple rubber ducky would hold her attention long enough to make the change. Ah, those were the salad days, huh? We now resort to a quick Greco-Roman wrestling match and hope no one comes away with a prize. The incredible thing is that she already moves so much faster than we do. What worked yesterday probably won't tomorrow. I’m afraid I’m not original enough to keep up. But I’m not worried. That’s what TV is for. And besides, I've got the whole "got yer nose!" bit ready, just in case.