Mushy Foods

Lucy is the baby goat I always wanted. We have been playing this game called "Will She Eat That?" Mostly, she will. Today: unfrosted Christmas cookies at Aunt Pie's house and sweet potatoes cooked for her by me, her mother. Cooking food for Lu makes me feel earthy and frugal. Tonight I cooked carrots and mushed them up with the hand blender. They are delicious and plain. I hope I did not ruin her taste for them by feeding her cookies.

She is nine months and one day old. This is my first post, so I won't list all nine months of accomplishments, but the highlights include smiling, laughing, rolling over, sucking her thumb (really, her most important accomplishment, as thumbsucking is central to her good attitude), sleeping through the night, crawling, pulling up, pulling the baby monitor off the wall, cutting two absurd little fangs as her first teeth, clapping, waving, pointing, bouncing up and down, sort of singing, babbling, razzing, starting "school," making three trips to El Paso, and generally being fabulous.

So, are you bored with this blog yet?